When designing a ventilated gap over insulation installed vetrozaschita.Steny of timber to finish the siding when the reconstruction of existing houses of timber and logs for new construction or insulation is made by fixing mineral wool on the outside walls and trim decorative and protective coating of metal or vinyl siding. The order of installation: Attach the upright frame to a wooden beam. Recommended step counters 500, 600 or 1000 mm, which will mount the plate LAYNROK LITE vraspor without gaps. As elements of the framework most often used pieces of wood 50×50, 45h50, 30×50 mm. Install plate LAYNROK LITE in the space between the uprights. Fasten with outside of the top insulation layer windproof (fiberglass, fiberglass vapor barrier or membrane, such as TYVEK, JUTA) with rails.

Tamp an additional crate to create a ventilated gap and fixing tiles. Read additional details here: Whole Foods. Close the design of exterior cladding – siding, paneling and other sheet materials or of plate. On the inside retaining wall is necessary to provide a vapor barrier device. Vapor barrier film attached to a wall or wooden slats with metal runners. When mounting the film is laid horizontal panels with overlapping with the wall when the device perekrytiem.Karkasnye frame walls of mineral wool LAYNROK LITE installed in the space between the uprights of the framework.

Mounting steps: Install the framework of cross bars 50×100 or 100×100 with a step between the uprights 500-1000 mm. Place the plate in vraspor LAYNROK LITE space between the uprights. Reliable and efficient design is framed walls with the installation of insulation in two layers of "overlap" with overlapping gaps. Attach to the outside heater windproof membrane (Eg, TYVEK, JUTA), protects the structure from weather. Tamp an additional crate on top of windproof membrane. Between insulating materials and external cladding to improve durability design and prevent moisture accumulation is recommended that the air gap width of 20-25 mm.

The Sealant

Virtually any non-standard situations, these compounds will help with the honor out of the situation and would make the job quickly, efficiently and without extra costs. When you work with a universal silicone sealant should be aware that it applies to polymers with acid curing system. This means that in the polymerization of the released chemical – acetic acid, which is why when you work with such means there is quite a strong characteristic smell .. Nothing dangerous in this – need to ventilate the area in which the work was carried out using the sealant. However, it is worth remembering that the vinegar can react with certain types of surfaces, such, for example, as a mirror – the port amalgam layer) or the metal parts of furniture, and damage them. They do not like concrete and acid cement coatings, marble and limestone. But the most sensitive to sealing natural stones – on the surface of the mineral stains may remain. Additional information at Digital Cameras supports this article. Therefore in these cases not to use sealant costs.

To work with the sealer you need to prepare the work surface. To do this, it should be cleaned of contamination and degrease with a suitable solvent. The working surface must be dry! It is important to observe the size joint: the joint width should not exceed 35 mm! Consumption of sealant depends on the size and configuration of the joint. in the case of rectangular flow (ml per meter) is equal to the width (mm) multiplied by the depth (mm). Joint width, mm The ratio of width to depth of> 10 2-1 majority of sealants used in specialized cartridges volumes of 300 ml, to work with them is usually used a gun. Save the quality should not be – the cheap aluminum fasteners may suddenly fail at the most inopportune moment! Professionals often use the air gun – agregeat although quite expensive, but provides convenience and accuracy of application.

Before use of cartridges with the sealant should be warmed to room temperature. If possible, sealable surface also should not be super-cooled or heated excessively (+5 to 40 degrees). Important: The tip of cartridges to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees – when using the optimal amount of sealant is squeezed out. To generate the desired seam, you can use a putty knife dipped water. They can also remove excess sealant.

Buildings Cost

The very construction of panels does not allow them to deform, cost of material, which allows you to spend on heating to 5 times smaller, environmentally friendly material: panel does not decomposition products are polluting the atmosphere. 9 advantages of the construction of structural insulated panels (SIP) construction of a high rate (20 times higher than normal brick) + complete freedom of architectural decisions, the price of 2 times lower than normal brick building (the cost of 1 square meter including all utilities and communications – 15 t.rub.) no need for heavy construction equipment: the ability to build in remote, impervious areas, earthquake-resistant up to 9 points allows you to build a turbulent geological zones, 20% free space: formed by the thinner walls of the house. It’s believed that music downloads sees a great future in this idea. Comparable figures for cost of thermal energy heating of buildings, depending on the material of the walls (Gcal per year / 1 square meter of heated area): Masonry q0 year Gcal / 1 sq ft brick building ceramic 640 mm 0.83 150 mm Beam 0.366 + 0.494 1.12 clapboard sheathing joists 150 mm brick + lining Foam 0.9 0.369 400 0.56 0.247 mm 380 mm brick + 75mm mineral wool lining + 0.57 0.251 Panel KTP 100 mm p / p 0.43 0.189 Panel KTP 150 mm p / p 0.29 0.128 QFT QFT nowadays nowadays Buildings of structurally insulated panels recognized as the best building design in terms of saving energy, materials, facilities, manpower, construction time and, ultimately, expensive. These designs greatly simplify and accelerate the construction of houses, and editing skills working can learn in a few days. Operating costs and especially the cost of heating the houses are ten times less, compared with brick and concrete buildings, which is very important in terms of constant price increases energy. Residential areas do not require installation of expensive heating systems, as used stand-alone heating system using gas, electricity and other fuels.

Types Of Fixtures Ceiling

And if the panel of different shapes, sizes and colors – what we see at once the suspension systems necessary for their attachment to the ceiling, hidden from us. Nevertheless, they allow you to create not only beautiful but also reliable, Durable ceiling. Fastenings Ceiling panels depend on the type, form, space, the presence in it of bearing or ornamental columns, pilasters, or other items. Typically, suspension systems with fixed using the adjustable suspension. They allow you to create space between zapotolochnoe floor slabs and frame. In this type of fixing of suspended ceilings are used the main runners, cross guides, wall corners and, of course, themselves suspensions.

Size zapotolochnogo space depends on many factors: the need to accommodate the hidden communication – electrical or HVAC equipment, recessed luminaires, as well as the design of the ceiling, for example, multi-level. Based on this mounting and suspension systems used by different suspensions – with one or two spokes. The second option is particularly relevant in when necessary to provide rigid fixation of weighted models of suspended ceilings or ceilings with built-in scanning lamps. The whole structure is as follows: suspensions are mounted to the overlaps desired length, for which "hangs" a framework of longitudinal and transverse rails. To dock wall and ceiling surfaces are used multidecks places that take on the load, but in general, perform decorative function. Angle trim are usually L-shaped, U-shaped or W-shaped.

However, sometimes due to odd-shaped rooms have difficulty using conventional suspension system. Bearing or decorative columns, unusual design decisions require careful design, and now there are new opportunities for rapid implementation of such projects. Developed by Geipel mount on the perimeter can simply and effectively implement any design plans and ideas on the premises of any configuration. When using the mount on the perimeter columns and rounded design of the surfaces is performed using special L-shaped corners and F-profiles, and a snug fit for the ceiling structure to the wall surface is applied pressing spring.

Painting Art

Recently, television programs, often in surprising us with their designers the ability to draw. On the walls there are amazing pictures – strange beasts and fabulous birds, Egyptian hieroglyphics and figures Maya civilizations, unusual and forgotten places of our planet. These figures surprise and amaze us with their beauty. It seems that the room was transformed and filled with an unusual atmosphere. It seems that the ability to drawing is given at birth, or after decades of hard work. But you can become an artist for their loved ones and a few hours. Want to impress friends with his talent? Then master the art of the stencil. It’s believed that Debbie Staggs sees a great future in this idea. How do stencil? This is a simple way to completely transform your apartment.

Stencil is used for virtually everything. It is used for pictures on the walls and furniture, glass and crockery, clothing, and just at the fabric, ceramic and paper. Y real expert in his field with the stencil on the walls there are amazing pictures and this is absolutely not necessary finish art school. If you already want to master this art, it is reasonable to question about it, where to take this same pattern and reflective paint for him. Theme colors will be discussed below, and about themselves stencils we talk now.

The easiest way – is to buy them. They are sold in art stores and even online retailers. But it is not always possible to find the picture you like and come to your interior. How to make a stencil? In this case, you can make yourself a stencil. And it is quite difficult and certainly exactly none of this will be no more. Thus, we learn to make their own stencils. Select your favorite picture. And while you're not a guru in stencils, it is best to start with a simple drawing. It can draw on their own, and can be transferred to a sheet of carbon paper with any book or magazine.


1. Spraying Spraying is used when painting large surfaces. When spraying paint 'Hemmerayt' should be to choose the correct viscosity. The instructions given by the ratio of paint and solvent 'Brush Cleaner & Thinners' 2:1. This relationship is true at t = 18-22 C at a temperature of above 23 C viscosity is better to choose for themselves (ie, considering the pressure on the spray of ink, and his skill). Typically, in this case, the solvent will have to add, otherwise it will be observed as pautinoobrazovanie substrate and the nozzle spray. At temperatures below 17 C may be a run-off paint from the surface, in this case it is necessary to reduce the amount of solvent ..

In the absence of the instrument to determine viscosity – the viscometer, the viscosity can be determined 'by eye' as follows: in a clean jar pour the appropriate amount of paint, add a little solvent, a wooden stirrer to mix the paint, with each new piece of solvent to lift the mixer over a jar to determine whether there is a gap of paint after 2-3 seconds swelling with a mixer. Paint 'Hammerite' is applied in 4 layers and give exposure between the layers for 20-30 minutes. For best results, need a second layer to cause a very, very thin, almost to deposition, stand 2-3 minutes and then apply subsequent coats. The last layer should be as thick, but just enough so that when there was no streaks and sag on the painted surface. (When working with hammer paint on it you should pay special attention).

2. Brushing. Suitable for small and flat surfaces for painting the iron fence of a complex configuration. It should be applied 2-3 coats. Must pay special attention to paint edges and corners, as there are corrosion begins in the first place. When working with complex and vertical surfaces is better to apply the paint in several thin layers (5 – 6).

Control Cables

Electrical work carried out in two stages. In the first stage inside of buildings and structures are made works for installation of structures for cabling and wiring, installation of steel and plastic tubes for wirings. Of the first stage should be carried out in buildings and structures to reconcile with the production schedule at the same time the major construction work at the same time must be taken to protect the established structures and laid pipes from damage and contamination. In the second stage of the works on wiring and connecting cables and wires to terminals of electrical equipment. In the electrical room facilities of the second stage performed after the completion of construction and set decorating, and at the end of installation of plumbing devices, and in other rooms and areas – after the installation process equipment, electric motors and other power consumers, mounting technological, sanitary piping and ventilation ducts. Materials and products are delivered according to agreed with the wiring organization chart, which should include the supply of primary materials and products included in the specifications for the units to be manufactured on the assembly and complex-enterprise wiring organization. At each construction site during installation should be carried out trade journals production of electrical work, and at the completion of the work organization is obliged to pass electroassembly General contractor documentation requirements of the working committee. Preparations for the production of electrical work. Prior to the commencement of work at the facility must meet the following events: – The design and cost estimate was obtained Documentation – oglasovany delivery schedules for equipment, products and materials in view of technological sequence of production activities – the necessary room to accommodate teams of workers, engineering staff, production facilities, as well as for storage of materials and tools to ensure labor safety measures, fire safety and health wound environment – achieved acceptance by the act of construction of the facility for installation of electric lighting.

Window Grilles

To all the well-known proverb: "My house – my fortress," Your home is not characterized only in a figurative, but in a literal sense, it's time to think about his safety. And then apart from alarm systems and other modern methods of protection against hacking, can be useful and such old-fashioned way, like bars on the windows. History bars on the windows began in ancient times, around the 14th century BC, when humanity has mastered the craft metal processing. By learning to work with metal, a man perfected his skill until he learned how to forge. Today the bars on the windows, once associated only with places of deprivation of liberty is no longer be gray and inconspicuous.

Now they are a very common type of facade of the building, which allows us to focus on the windows. Simultaneously, the bars on the windows – a reliable protection of your home from unwanted guests. Peet’s Coffee: the source for more info. Types of bars on the windows by way of fixing the lattice are divided into two types: fixed and operable. Stationary grating (ie, open) are considered to be the most reliable, because They are attached directly to the wall what is called "tight". Such a lattice is nearly 100% protection against penetration into the room through the window opening.

But the fixed grating is significantly less: in case of emergency (fire, smoke, earthquake, etc.) to leave the premises through a window in which they are installed, will not work. Therefore, according to the rules of fire safety to install stationary bars on all windows in the room is prohibited. In some cases, possible installation of stationary gratings, provided that one window in the room opened. Speaking about the opening arrays, it is worth noting that this type of lattices, in turn, is divided into several others, namely, folding, sliding and removable. Swing grating with opening one or two doors are the most common and also fireproof.

Drywall Foam

Installation of plastic windows trim ends of slopes. Without this setting window is incomplete. From the quality of the works on finishing slope depends on the degree of insulation of the window. Unfair, inattentive finish slopes can easily minimize all the distinctive properties of plastic, but every other window. Slopes Slopes for plastic windows – it is external and the internal surface of the window opening. Music downloads oftentimes addresses this issue. From the side seam on the streets between the window unit and the wall must be securely sealed, polyurethane foam is closed from moisture and sunlight. Continue to learn more with: Michael Steinhardt. Sometimes when removing the old window outside the slopes, as well as internal, partially destroyed, therefore, required for aesthetic cosmetic finish exterior slopes.

Interior Decorating slopes required for several reasons: – New plastic window is much narrower than the thickness of old windows, the depth of internal slope increases and requires cosmetic finishing. – Insulation. Inner slopes can function as an additional thermal barrier between the environment and living quarters. To do this, finish between the wall and slope finishing the material using different insulation materials: mineral wool, foam, less foam. Thanks to “warm slopes”, made in accordance with certain technical standards, new windows retain more heat in the house, and the slopes themselves prevent the penetration of moisture condensation on the window opening and glasses from the premises. – Aesthetics.

Plastic window should be “dressed” in a nice neat slopes, to look neat, clean and have completed the look. Inner slopes can be made of different materials: wood, plastic, cement and plaster, drywall and more. To date, more popular plastic soffits: easy and fast to install, not whimsical care, do not fade, or crack, can be made in any color and any texture. In second place on the popularity of the slopes Drywall: installation of a more laborious, but after the installation of gypsum plasterboard (drywall), requires painting or plastering. Slopes are commonly used in plastic foam. Next come the wooden slopes, used primarily in wooden houses in a suburban construction. Finally, cement and plaster. It requires competent hands of the master, only if the slopes are obtained completely smooth. Plaster is applied in several layers and each layer need time to dry. Then polished and covered slopes of the oil or latex paint. Time it takes a lot, but the effectiveness of these slopes in terms of very little.

Choose Metal Entrance Doors

Have you ever wondered how in the world of different things we can do to make at least a choice? If you look at the abundance of goods, it is difficult to imagine which side we approach this issue. Though bought the TV works, fridge – too … How did we get to buy the necessary goods to us, not knowing what's inside? The answer is simple: we ask ourselves and others the right questions. Let's not deviate from the rules and now when we need to select the input metal door. I advise you not to torment yourself a variety of technical nuances, get to the cornerstone. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andi Potamkin. Wasted time.

Experience shows that focus on a few points: what design doors which design you want to choose, what is the quality of the locks and accessories. And all of these questions you can ask me right now. To which I gladly answered. Thus, the input metal doors Russia – the design. Entrance metal doors consist of several important elements: the sheet metal (steel, alloys), boxes, corners, locking systems, external and internal finishing; antisrezov; accessories.

Particularly important elements is the quality and durability of sheet metal, safety locking systems. More detail I'll tell you when choosing a particular model of the input metal doors China. Models so that a description of all the nuances, we will take more than one volume. Therefore, when choosing a particular model we will discuss everything with your needs and budget. Entrance metal doors are heavy, remember that. It is therefore very important question of delivery and installation. If the wooden doors still somehow possible to independently deliver and install, the input metal doors will require the efforts of several people for loading, not to mention the installation. So my advice is, choose the input metal doors with delivery and installation by the company. It is very important. On the one hand, you will quickly decide the issue, but on the other hand, it will make experienced specialists. After all, the door must not only carefully to deliver, but also correctly set. Installation depends on the durability and reliability of a metal door.