We all want to complete more work in less time. However, you got the feeling that never arrive on time? Do you work non-stop and never strikeouts things of to-do list? Well, you’re not alone. You have to manage time. In fact the key to productivity is not more work, but work better. Below I describe seven small but important tricks to dramatically increase your job performance. It is increasing every day as often as you can say “this is already done.” 1. Before you start the day, decide that you are five major tasks to complete. I did not say “want to end” but “you’re going to end.” Of the 5 ensures that at least three (best four) are important (those that bring sales, earn medals or increase your career opportunities).

Write to hand a list of these five tasks. 2. Before you start your day, check your “urgent tasks.” Of these, which ones can be deferred indefinitely. Almost always, the urgency may simply be forgotten. These tasks are what we prevents end the important thing. Filed under: ihor kononenko. We must learn to be fierce in the denial of fooling. 3.

Reduce distractions. The best way to complete the important tasks is disconnectedness the world. It is not always possible, but try to handle calls on a fixed schedule. Do not be always open the mail and put the Skype, Messenger and others in “Offline” By nature people are sociable and like to communicate with others. However, rational creatures we are also able to stop (at least for short periods) our impulses.