The Majestic

Orange. The more yellow becomes red, the greater the irritation turns into excitement. Brownish-red color. Dark red – it's calming irritation peace and truce. Blue-red color.

This combination of vital energy in red are not repaid, and builds up and slowed down, the power is constrained. This gives rise to the majestic splendor of purple. Pink. White pink and vigorous force destroys red. However, it does not pull it, and exempt from purposeful energy, since the white color stands for freedom. Pink – it's free, to nothing retail excitability and this is his seductive charm. Blue.

Calm, depth, freshness, loyalty and unity. Blue expresses eternity, and therefore of tradition. Dark blue – a serene calm. Deviation of the dark blue means that a person avoids the debilitating stress of rest, as it believes that it can not currently afford a vacation without giving up something important. He appears anxious and tense anxiety, restlessness and search for excitement. Light blue (cyan) color. Lighthearted fun. Light blue is not burdened by the weight of either dark or anxiety red or cold restraint and stagnation of the green-blue. Light blue – the color of carelessness and carelessness. Red-blue color. Blue, if it is not clear, is peace and satisfaction. Should not be this color described as "cold." When the red-blue to blue, which means depth, abstractedly peace of mind, joins excitement of red. Hence the violation of peace of mind. Red and blue – this inner excitement, emotional inspiration, ie, that can be expressed in words: heart, sincerely.