The Rack

Weight of the bag should fluctuate within 60-80 kg. I should add that making such projectile would cost much cheaper than the purchase of store bag. And now, when your room properly equipped, proceed to further studies. The second phase of stroke – acceleration fist. Its effectiveness depends of speed-strength training athlete. Exercise can be different. Some coaches, for example, is excluded from the exercise of their wards exercises with weights, so as not to 'put' the impact speed.

This misconception. Quick strike without power focus can not always be a knockout, especially if it is applied in the case. In terms of winning a set of points in the sport karate or amateur boxing, he is effective, but that its tactical significance and should be limited. As far as the powerful high-speed impact, its basis in addition to speed and power is another. For its development we recommend the following exercises. Emmanuel Faber insists that this is the case. Bench bar from the chest while lying down. Weight shell should allow the athlete to perform 12 repetitions at a moderate speed.

Impulse two weights weighing 24-32 kg, running at a fast pace. To work connects the leg muscles and back. Jerk one arm dumbbell weighing 24-32 kg. Holds in a rapid pace. Push-ups (they are already mentioned above): a) at a fast pace with their fists and fingers, b)-ups with a clap hands between push-ups, and c) a fence sitting, leaning on a small hill, located behind. Work on the bag. Here the significant role played by the imagination of an athlete. 'The purpose' strike should be no surface of the bag, but a certain point, located in its depths. We must strive, as they say experienced trainers 'punch bag': a) in combat stand – a powerful single blow with the shock arm, and then – with a modified rack. 'Push through bag' for possible further deep inside, and b) a double blow to sack one or two hands, the first blow – the average depth, the second – the maximum, and c) powerful penetrating attack on the approaching toward the bag. Work at boxing paws. Lapa is the most versatile shell for boxers – participants hand combat, etc., since its movement is best mimic bias targets hit in a real fight. So: a) a blow to the leg to a visual signal. Satisfied with the attack on the rack with close-set legs. In this case, a partner with a paw to constantly change the rhythm of the show, moving projectile up and down, left and right, and b) a blow to the leg, which the partners hold the same level, he is constantly moving. Striker 'hunt' for his paw, and moving and trying to deliver a powerful blow from the most advantageous position, and c) impact with instantaneous odergivaniem fist back. Partner holds the leg still, but keeps the other hand, a short rope or cloth belt, which beat the attacker's hand at the time of application to strike. The task of the latter – run a sharp blow and avoid a return rope or belt.