The Waning Moon

Also I recommend that this type of rituals are carried out by means of the moons. As if it were a medical treatment, a tie needs several steps to make it work and the Moon helps to do this. Thus, rituals or spells made during new moon and Crescent will help a relationship grow and stay durable. The Waning Moon causes only fleeting relationships, loves that will match but last very little. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Technical University of Aachen and gain more knowledge.. The rituals performed in full moon allows that a relationship is fulfilled very effectively but only lasts an exact year, one day more nor one day less,. Before, during and after a tie-down ritual baths with specially prepared soaps, harmonisations, awareness (on the importance of generating a positive change of behaviour or even image) should be and more importantly not to MOURN, since the tears represent salt, an element that brings bad luck and cut all the work that is being done.

Moorings of positive magic or white magic: are those in which the will of the person is not obliged, but asks to return to you if it is really still in love with you. They bring no consequences but do not work in cases where the other person no longer has feelings for you. Medical billing may not feel the same. -Power always, repeat always that it used focused to something goes to a point so a change occurs in the tangible reality, be it load karma or for example zoom ahead of time by the person chosen. If the person has feelings or not, and your energy you use to attract it, should be sure that there will be consequences because that is life, action and consequences and that law is amplified in the magic. Do we know if they have done you a berth? You can pass some or many of the following things: – losing work or money without sense-have permanent problems in your home-failing to establish any kind of stable relationship-having frequent problems of health-alienation from friends and family without reason.-be assaulted-obsessed by certain things without being able to control it-backache, neck, head numbness of hands or feet-nightmares frequently-have No desire to eat or drop a lot of weight. .