Twitter Online Reputation In 140 Characters

Twitter in corporate communications are initially traded as hype the free microblogging service Twitter has become”too in Germany of increasingly popular. Growth rates of 30% per month are impressive evidence that German companies need to think more and more about use of this communication channel. But in practice, what is Twitter? How can companies, self-employed, freelancers or sales staff benefit from the use of this microblogging service? How to build up a professional Twitter account? How do you find the right followers? What are Hashtags? How does Twitter search actually work? Communication expert Jens Schluter gives a first overview of the possibilities of Twitter in his presentation the participants and is also the most important tools for the professional use of Twitter. The speaker is using the microblogging service Twitter, many tools, as well as the appropriate monitoring tools around Twitter in daily practice. Focus of his work as owner of the Agency emandu communications (authentically communicate customer delight!) online marketing, social media marketing and social-business networks and the use of these marketing tools in the corporate communications. So it is not surprising that many tips, tricks, do’s and dont’s are addressed in his speech. More information and registration: