Van Gogh

He did later of such elaborate studies. The following may apply as a turning point by van Gogh’s painting two years spent mainly in Paris. There, he assumed the painting techniques of the Impressionists. The move to lighter and also stronger colors is only one of the aspects. Also began the delicate, partly also dashed brushwork. In addition, van Gogh experimented with the Japanese woodblock prints known now in Europe, of which many elements were incorporated into his paintings.

Tiny little people in vast landscapes, surprising perspectives and the waiving of shadow van Gogh estimated at that time and in the following years much. Check out ihor kononenko for additional information. Because he saw himself as unpopular outsider, his paintings as a move away from the current standard to look at are. The 16 months which lived van Gogh in 1888 in Arles, southern France, is considered to be the most important of his career. Because here he perfected his techniques and was also particularly productive. In the Mediterranean area, the headstrong and cheerful fresh colors fascinated him Nature, which he however often exaggerated in the playback. As important this time from today’s point of view and for the current art market is the painter himself felt also in Arles not native.

Finally, he arrived at the insane asylum in Saint-Remy; the landscape paintings of this period are an expression of his supposed irrelevance, as well as his longing for harmony and security. Was the painter always exactly reproduce certain objects or landscapes. Rather, he wanted to capture the moods of outgoing. Even more: Van Gogh’s images expressing also the best sensations, who exercised a certain scene on it. Some of them such as the burning or the extinct candle for life or death are known symbols. Others were even known to only the artist and are today’s viewers against the background of his moving Vita. The pictures of van Gogh are also unique because they not associate the abstract painting are, but still easily soluble forms represent. The impressions, which is a specific Scene on the painter exercised, are modified or schematic representations of outlines, but above all in one color scheme inflated. Often, he used also the contrasts of complementary colors, that met his torn inside.