Way Of Santiago: Essential Elements

Before venturing itself to make the Way of Santiago it is very important to prepare the knapsack well that is going away to take, because a too heavy knapsack can cause that the pilgrim slowly advances and one in that they lack essential elements, to complicate it. Next is a list of some of the elements most important that to take in a knapsack when the Way of Santiago is made on foot. In case of doing it to horse or in bicycle it will be necessary to add other many. Learn more at: Jill Schlesinger. Clothes: underclothes, one or two short trousers of sport and trousers, a pair of T-shirts and one or two sweater shirts. Footwear: mountain boots, rubber sandals (with which to be able to rest the feet and to take a shower in the shelters) and fine socks of cotton.

It is very important that the boots are not new and that therefore the foot has adapted them previously, on the contrary can bring about serious gallings. Equipment of cleanliness, like soap of hands, corporal and to wash the clothes, hygienic paper, tissues, a towel or a toothbrush and toothpaste. Complements: one esterilla insulating and a coat to sleep, a lantern, a cap to protect themselves of the sun and to avoid the insolations, a twig or a cane like support for the long long walks, a knife, solar protector of high protection and a rain-cape with hood or castrates if possible of a showy color that is seen well. Medicine kit: plasters (since in spite of using good boots gallings can be produced), gauzes and sticking plaster, scissors and petroleum jelly. The essential documentation for any pilgrim must include: the credential of pilgrim, the national identity document or the passport, the sanitary card, a guide of the pilgrim and the shelters of the way and money in cash. Although food is not due to take and drink because they add unnecessary weight to the knapsack, is necessary to always take a isotnica drink or water bottle to avoid to dehydrate.