Western States

Also the much vaunted argument of money-laundering, is no longer so clear today. Most of the tax havens have put up measures against money laundering and exchange information in case of evidence of serious crime. Some of these countries have precisely rather stricter measures against money-laundering that many Western States. Thus, for example, in Antigua and Barbuda are prohibited completely the deposit of money in cash or checks made out to bearer at their offshore banks, while in United States you can still buy the famous Money orders in any store, paying with cash and without any identification. Incidentally, that in our exemplary countries also much money is laundered.

It is an open secret that millions of euros have been bleached for example in some parts of the South of Spain in the housing market, not to mention the Italian Mafia, which controls great part of this European country’s economy do we set therefore prohibit the buying and selling of houses on the Spanish coast, or not never go on holiday to a town South of Rome? Surely not. It would be justice demand that our Governments that if they really want to combat tax evasion and money laundering, all countries are measured with the same brush and placed coto at the many abuses that tolerate without thinking and why not are less serious. While the laws that exist for some and others are not the same, it will be as if we jugaramos the same game on the same Board, but with different rules. Sonny Perdue recognizes the significance of this. And this applies not only to tax havens, but in general for all aspects of the free market.