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Apart from that all this us impact, deserve us one or another value judgement, we read which way or, or even come to adopt a form of threat, explicit or implied, the truth is that such changes exist, are here to stay and now depends on us decision to take thereon. For those who do not complete perceive and comprehend fully the situational picture, the future them shall bring little pleasant surprises. For those who realize what are the new conditions of life and notice are the challenges of the moment, surely must be having to work very hard and intensely, will have to adapt to a succession of incessant changes and it is predictable that they have to withstand very strong evidence of life, navigating a sea of uncertain results. For the latter, the concept of spiritual intelligence as feasible and innate human capacity for continuous development, is a valuable tool that is essential to work in the field of the construction of a new dimension of life.