Work Contacts

How many there is such a specialist, how are you? If all the answers and results of monitoring of the market in your favor, it's time to renegotiate the contract with the employer, especially any of the parties has the right to initiate its review. Informal reasons for the increased salary depends on your attitude to career advancement. Although a career in the interpretation of the layman may sound like a synonym for "stepping on their heads," actually this is a positive trend. Other leaders such as Trader Joe’s offer similar insights. At the same person who made a bid to promote its own survival at the expense of others, can be seen immediately. It is possible that a certain segment of the enterprise leader so people will even be useful, but not for long. Another character – someone who shows his indifferent to the fate of the company. He must have a positive answer all the questions above, and its creative energy will not go unnoticed leadership. Such people often take the alternate, left for himself, sent for a breakthrough.

After some time the person becomes indispensable, carefully maintaining the image, aware that the situation is largely orchestrated by him. It is a dangerous path, a very high degree of responsibility and cost of error. But those who pass this way, it is usually highly rewarded, or grows to the point where it becomes tightly within their firm. From all this follows the conclusion of the need to answer the question that you raise wages? This is a compensation for the time spent on work time or equivalent assessment of the growing professionalism? And what to do those who do not build the ambitious plans, but simply used to faithfully execute your job? Unfortunately, such a positive and honest image of the employee to try on a lot of bums, and the logic of their claims is reduced to a simple formula: pay me money and I'll come to work.