Commerce Vice President

The new formula for success for bAV specialist means attractive market opportunities with excellent growth potential open up deferred compensation plus payment optimization for reputable, established bAV specialists maintained contacts with commercial customers. Also, the combination of remuneration must and optimization of pay means additional revenue for bAV specialist. Still more net of the gross with more than just operational type of age before (planning) de bAV consultant facing what risks and dangers of today, he knows better. And there are daily more and more risks and dangers and less bAV consultant. Here to survive economically or expand even more financially, in addition to quality and performance through careful selection of cross-selling sooner or later only the bAV specialist or the extension of its own performance portfolio operates.

The Aschheim ValueNet group, the ideal possibilities for every budget offers to come easy to win new customers in the business with existing customers and the Unique selling points and significantly expand the market position. \”New opportunities for bAV specialists charge optimization automatic door openers to old\” how what bAV consultant new tenant does not dream? The magic word that opens itself stubbornly locked doors of the Board of Directors is: charge optimization. In addition to the deferred compensation in the context of occupational pensions, there are still over 20 more ways to save employees and employers tax and social security contributions. \”These include among other things: fuel vouchers, restaurant checks, Internet package, to allow travel expenses subsidy etc. as in these times these opportunities lie unused bAV consultant, is almost irresponsible operation economically\”, claimed Dirk Berman r, planning Economist (ebs), now close partners of the ValueNet group. Karl Johann Zimmermann, former Chamber of Commerce Vice President (Augsburg Swabia) and Managing Director of the corporate law firm Zimmermann added: most business owners roll one the Red Carpet when they realize how easy it can be to reduce personnel costs and to do good for the employees! The bAV specialist gains in image and reputation and strengthens the position of trust he has built up over the years.