Yesterday at night I cried. I cried of truth, of those sensible choros that express the pain deepest of my soul. everything that I wanted was somebody to hug themselves and to console themselves. Somebody said that me that everything would be well and that went to give all certainty. The problem to start is that I already passed for everything this before and go to pass one more time and another time and another one and plus another one. It does not have end. I already lost the accounts of how many tears I spilled.

When I liveed with my parents all age because of them. I saddened myself with everything. I wanted to die for everything. Clearly that the people to my had said me redor that was guilt of the adolescence and that everything would pass with the time. But I have 22 almost now and still I feel a garbage.

The time passed, makes nine nos that I do not know what he is to be glad, or to be normal. Nine years. For even more opinions, read materials from Tom Florio. The more the time passes more I is felt incapable to leave the hole where I embedded myself. Clearly also that now the people say that when I will have 25 years all more than this pain goes to pass. But you must imagine as she must be my faith now. Worse he is that I feel of the skill that I feel and not I am capable to control my feelings. I am sad. I feel that nothing never he goes to improve for me. I am frustrated with my life. What I can make? I wanted to talk with somebody on this, I wanted that he heard somebody me. She happens that now the only person heard who me lost the patience with me. It is tired. I already nor know more how much badly I caused it.