Land Auction

What areas may be subject to auction of plots of land owned by the state or municipal property, carried out only in relation to land held cadastre. However, to be determined its permitted use, based on the results of engineering research, the parameters of permissible object of capital construction and technical conditions for connecting to the networks of such an object engineering support and pay for it. Land auction – a form of market transactions with the land. Introduces competition in the sale of land or rights to use them. Who conducts auction land auction usually spend the authorities whose territories are building plots. Seller of the land or the right to conclude a lease is the executive organ of state power or local authority. It is he who decides on the auction determines the starting price of bidding, the amount of the deposit and the like, including the term of the lease. The auction is the organizer of tenders.

The person may be a seller and a specialized firm, acting under the agreement. Organizer sets the time, place and procedure of bidding, the shape and timing of submitting applications to participate in it, the procedure for making and return deposit, the magnitude of the initial price the auction (auction step). Step auction take between one and five per cent of the initial price of the goods on offer. In addition, not less than thirty days prior to the auction organizer shall publish notice of its holding in a periodical as defined, respectively, by the Russian government, the supreme executive body of the subject, the head of municipality. The notice shall contain the following information: the organizer of the auction, the name of public authority or local government made a decision about auction details this solution, place, date, time and manner of the auction, description of goods on offer (location, area, boundaries, encumbrances or restrictions site, permitted use, the cadastral number, the parameters authorized construction, technical conditions for connecting to the networks of such an object of engineering maintenance and connection fees) the initial price of the subject and move the auction; entry form, place of its reception, date of commencement and completion of the reception, the size of the deposit, the procedure for submission and return, the essential terms of the contract. For Russia, the land auction – a relatively new phenomenon associated with the development of market relations in the market RosaliePosted on Categories NewsTags