Light Drills

Makita Power Tools from the company is not in vain is one of the best in its class, which is why I would like to conduct a small survey among the novelties of the perforators of the manufacturer and compare them to previous models. For comparison, we take the easy perforatoryperforatory HR 1830, HR 2450 (network) and 162 BHR, BHR 240 RFE – powered by batteries. And the most interesting thing is that, according to the manufacturer, the battery model does not concede to their fellows, operating on the network. Thus, the first and is marked advantage of new models is that they can use in places where there is no network, and reach extension is problematic. It is also important weight and power tools: for the previous models it was 1.7 kg. model HR 1830 and 2.4 kg. model HR 2450. Cordless news BHR BHR 162 and 240 RFE weigh a little more, but this is not a weight limit for the drills, working without a net.

Secret lies in the fact that the development of these tools use the new Li-ion type battery with a voltage of 18V, which significantly reduces the weight, rather than the battery with the "voltages" to 36V. Here, of course, possible to argue and counter insufficient capacity battery of new drills to 18V, but, according to the manufacturer, special advantages in feeding 36V not present, since significantly to the power of the device is not affected. This figure only increases the weight punch that you will agree, is not quite comfortable for work. Among other useful features of new models should be noted increase to maximum speed in a model BHR 162 to 1500 r / min, compared with HR 1830 – 1100, BHR 240 RFE – is for more complex operations, there is a hammer mode. A basic, quality of the above – without the possibility of using the network, they are certainly ahead of its earlier counterparts.