New Music Player

With the latest version of the mufin player for the application Android can listen to music via streaming directly from the cloud and sort it according to the sound. Enjoy with the music player for mobile phones and Android tablets and play your own music from the cloud with mufin player 2.0 free for the with online hard drive integrated into the PC (online shaped cloud music storage space), the user can save online your music collection directly with a click. This way, you can listen to your music at all times and in all places thanks to the innovative Android application. After a single analysis of sound with mufin player 2.0 for PC, the application becomes a novel way to enjoy your songs, both your mobile phone and your tablet display of your music collection. With mufin player for Android, the user can decide if you want to listen to your music from your own Android device or from private and free online disk.

In this way, you can arrange the songs according to the sound and mood, and enjoy it in a new way both the cloud and the device. Android music player contains a completely new interactive sound map the mufin player for Android is a music playback software specially designed for that type of device, which opens a new Outlook regarding the musical presentation on mobile devices. Unlike lists of typical songs of traditional music players, music organizes and presents according to the sound thanks to mufin vision. After the analysis based on the sound of each song, the titles according to mood will be sorted. The result is a map of intuitive and easy to use, sound in which each track is represented by a circle with your album cover. Within view, the user can move freely, adapting the playing of music according to mood, entering and moving away with the zoom, playing songs, putting pause, jumping, creating auto playlists and much more.