Obesity Can Be Viral

According to experts, there are many reasons why people gain weight. Originally it was thought that people were obese because he ate too much or because you could not control your eating habits. The next cause to which attributed obesity was to television and to all companies that make snacks and fast food. Said washed brain children so they ate all these foods for fattening and unhealthy through advertising. Another reason that people attributed the overweight was genetics.Genetics is related to a variety of diseases in our society.

Of almost all diseases are said to have a link with genetic predisposition. Obesity: a common problem nowadays, obesity is the problem about which more is spoken, and is said that it is caused by a virus. It may seem crazy, but it’s true. Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar, who practices medicine in Louisiana, proposed that the virus that causes the cold in all of us can affect our body in such a way that leads us to gain weight. Dr Dhurandhar worked with others on the Pennington Center for biomedical research to monitor more than 1,000 subjects of which it was believed that they had a link between obesity and adenovirus-36 virus.

It is believed that this virus is embedded in the fatty tissue of the skin and multiply, increasing the number of fat cells in the body. If obesity has a viral link, this gives a completely new approach to how to combat obesity. That would mean that we should prevent obese people in order to not contract the virus. This discovery also may change the way in which we treat obesity as well as increase the use of drugs (such as diet pills) for people with very overweight or obese. People who are fighting against obesity would feel less guilty eating and be less likely to closely follow your diet and exercise, if they think that their weight problems are actually caused by a virus and not by their eating habits. This is a new development in the study of the obesity, what we will have to wait to see more discover the scientists on the road. Original author and source of the article