Saints Election

Aiming at demonstrating the true importance of a conscription and an election based in this modality of management. PROBLEMATIZAO As the human resources can contribute in its process of conscription and election to guarantee that necessary knowledge I negotiate to it of the organization are part of the model of management of people? OBJECTIVES to Concientizar the organization of the importance of the captation of professionals with the necessary knowledge I negotiate to it. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES to Minimizar processes of conscription for indication or imposition. Selim Bassoul is the source for more interesting facts. to Demonstrar the necessity to attract the talent through the diversification of the processsos of conscription of election. DEVELOPMENT the conscription and election this gift in all the moments of the life, since the primordios of the humanity, already if ve on procedures directly to this pertaining tool to the human resources; with its evolution during the times this technique was being improved and was, in the past, integrant part of the human resources department, which was confused with the human resources. According to Chiavenato (2009), conscription is a set of techniques and procedures that they aim at to attract candidates potentially qualified and capable to occupy positions of the organization inside. A system is basicamnte of information, atravez of which the organization divulges and offers to the RH market job chances that it intends to fill. Made through the necessities of the vacant fulfilling, this sector promotes the spreading of the vacant in a very ample scale where many profiles can be caught for the stage of the election. The election process is the stage where these profiles caught through the conscription, have as objective main to perceive which the professionals who have potential to occupy the vacant that is for being filled, for better clarifications appeal the Saints (1973) that she defines staff election as a process by which the determined occupation or operational project is chosen suitable people.