The Library

The floors considered in the studies for the development of the project had been: to walk trreo; 2 to walk of the audience; 4 to walk of the library; the floors 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 of the classrooms, as typical floors; the 12 to walk of the Canteen and 17 to walk of the Computation. These floors had been selected, for being the ones that contribute significantly with the biggest amount of garbage, having as it has detached and of relevance in the garbage production, 12 floor where the Canteen is functioning. One expects as resulted final, that is reached the objective of awareness of the occupying population of the building, through a permanent campaign of matrix informative, capable to reach the minds and the hearts of the people being promoted the change of habits, customs and attitudes related to the reduction of production of garbage and the recycling of the produced garbage. It foresees, also, the execution of alterations in the physical installations of the building, with the rank of lixeiras for the selective collection, of the creation of ' ' fumdromos' ' with the rank of ash trays to discipline the discarding of tips of cigarettes (guimbas), the establishment of accords for the collection objectifying the recycling, as much for the vegetal oil of used kitchen, as for the batteries and stacks, without use and discarded. It establishes as premise, the maintenance of the conservation services and cleanness with the terceirizada company, which beyond collecting the garbage selectively separate the material collected for the sales, being they: papers and cardboard; metals (aluminum); diverse plastics and glass. It considers that the garbage inservvel for recycling, and collected of adequate form and with the cares due of prevention and reduction of impacts to the health of the involved people in the selective collection and manuscript of the garbage.