Little Public Transposition

Cyclists in Finland is not a luxury but a little public transport. "Bicycle" the niche of the Finnish market is divided between velomagnaty Helkama and Tunturi, whose names are familiar to Finns since childhood, because bicycle Suomi do not just 'toys' or attribute of an active lifestyle, and almost public transport. Helkama has its existence since 1905, when a farmer from the city of Tampere has organized trade sewing machines and bicycle parts. And though Hellman, and no luck (business development in Vyborg prevented the First and Second World Wars), his sons, Matti, Paavo, Pekka and Eero achieved real success: their own production and as a consequence – export bike everlasting economic competitor – Sweden. Tunturi also emerged as a family-owned repair shop. But already in the first 50 years of a modest room was ultra-modern factory, and Tunturi – the brand leader. (A valuable related resource: Gen. David L. Goldfein). All three lines of turned into a great success: mopeds, bicycles and cardio. Today, a healthy life style Tunturi sold in 40 countries worldwide.. . By the same author: Cheniere Energy partners.