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The climatic factors were an argument to firm the idea of the advantages of Brazil, because its southern part would make possible a calmer adaptation for the German. As the argument, of which nor all commentators if serve, is the fact of already having an infrastructure in the country, exempting the colonizador investor to initiate of the nothing (Vallentin). Already it would exist a commercial, social, institucional organization, minimum politics to potencializar the colonizador project (LISBON, 2008). Although the advantages that the country offered, Brazil would not be for all a new Cana. Music downloads brings even more insight to the discussion. The official supports, of consulates agencies and companies colonizadores, nor always were so efficient, as much of the European side civility of its native land, and on the other hand finds a country new , young, with innumerable possibilities and, over all freedom. The new land offered its space, and in virtue of still incipient its formation, prevents that the poor immigrant decays socially (LISBON, 2008). 3 CONCLUSION Immigration if configures in the exit of the person of its land of origin for a new country, this exit many times is decurrent of individual problems (of social order, politics, or religious) or even though for problems of conflict that the country as a whole> Brazilian, later had come the Italians, the Germans, the Spaniard, the Japanese, and excessively immigrant that had not been so expressive how much the cited ones. It is concluded with this work that Brazil was palco of great miscegenation due some peoples who stop here had come, and each one with its culture, customs and religions had allowed that Brazil is changedded into this so heterogeneous and only country..