Pavel Krasheninnikov

In addition, firms providing services in land surveying, usually working in close contact with local authorities and actually become monopolists. Respectively, and they bid up prices at their discretion. For example, in the Moscow survey area of 15 hectare can do summer residents in the 50 thousand rubles. And the national average This figure varies from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. By law, the subjects of the Russian Federation have the right to regulate the price of its territory, subdivision, however, take any steps in this direction for some reason they do not hurry. To date, such restrictions are imposed only in certain regions, particularly in the Stavropol region, Tatarstan, Chuvashia. Now they pay for the surveying and a half to two times less. Another 48 subjects of the Federation until just cooked necessary documents, and the authorities of Vologda, Ivanovo and Vladimir regions and the Territory and did refuse to influence the monopolists.

However, it is hoped that soon the situation will change and the process of surveying will be streamlined and facilitated by the new law "On the inventory, which the State Duma plans to take in the spring session, the chairman of the Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitral and procedural legislation, Pavel Krasheninnikov. One only Moscow Regional Duma sent about 40 amendments to the draft federal law "On Cadastre" and "On amendments to some legislative acts in part improvement of the land. " "We have repeatedly drawn the attention of the State Duma deputies on the need to amend these laws in conjunction with the introduction of the dacha amnesty – the chairman of the Committee Mosobldumy of Land, Natural Resources and Environment Basil Dupak. – Unfortunately, the amendment shall only now. " Thus, only from January 1 was reduced by the size of the state duty for state registration of rights ownership of the land from 500 to 100 rubles. Outdoor time is usually from mid-spring – then and is expected to increase the number of applications for registration of land.

But even with the amendments adopted dissatisfied progress amnesty during this time will not be less. For example, vacationers who have received plots under lease (and there are quite a few in the country), under the Act are not covered at all. Is still difficult to register the land that is allocated in a village near a private subsistence farming, which subsequently built. To residential construction has been recognized, as before, the required technical data sheet on the structure, composed of bti. The only relief – no need to bring building permit. The truly lucky, perhaps, only owners of bathhouses, garages, outhouses, stables and other outbuildings that were built on sites registered in the property previously. To legalize these buildings no longer need to collect numerous permits, justifying samostroy. Enough to bring the documents to the ground and fill in the declaration form, which gives the registration ward. In general, the dacha amnesty is stalling. To date, the certificate of ownership under the new rules were a unit of landowners. Meanwhile, top gardening season just around the corner. And, even if the deputies patch up to the summer all the loopholes in the laws, full speed the reform will not go until next year.