Stroller And Bassinets

There is no separate bassinet and a separate recreational unit. This stroller can be used from birth up to 3-4 years. As compared with Pleasure option or a combination wheelchair these models is much heavier and cumbersome. On the other hand, is a good option of economy class. These are the main types of wheelchairs, which are now relevant.

Always attention to the strength of the frame. If it looks and feels flimsy, has a lot of plastic parts (especially in fixtures, connections and other important places) – it is likely that the design quickly loose, will creak and become uncomfortable for the baby – and for mom. Next, the main issues to be addressed in order to decide – what features are important to you, and which recede into the background. Which is better for newborn – a classic cot, 2 in 1 or transformer? Advantages of a cradle – the maximum comfort for baby. The disadvantages can be considered as the fragility of use (somewhere up to 6 months) and relatively a lot of weight (compared with 2 in 1 prams and 3 in 1).

As for transformers, their main drawbacks – it's a lot of weight and poor maneuverability. The rest of trivia and "an amateur." Another disadvantage of those who say parents – transformer, As a rule, lower version than the cradle. Not everyone is comfortable to push her in front of him, especially high-dads. The benefits include reversible handle (easily expand the child in a wheelchair to face him or face the road). Except She folded and not take up much room in the apartment. Stroller "transformer" that is, for all occasions. The so-called 2 in 1 prams some confused with Transformers. However, the cradle in them rather, as in classical model for the newborn. These wheelchairs lighter and more maneuverable than the transformers and classic bassinet.