Types Of Fixtures Ceiling

And if the panel of different shapes, sizes and colors – what we see at once the suspension systems necessary for their attachment to the ceiling, hidden from us. Nevertheless, they allow you to create not only beautiful but also reliable, Durable ceiling. Fastenings Ceiling panels depend on the type, form, space, the presence in it of bearing or ornamental columns, pilasters, or other items. Typically, suspension systems with fixed using the adjustable suspension. They allow you to create space between zapotolochnoe floor slabs and frame. In this type of fixing of suspended ceilings are used the main runners, cross guides, wall corners and, of course, themselves suspensions.

Size zapotolochnogo space depends on many factors: the need to accommodate the hidden communication – electrical or HVAC equipment, recessed luminaires, as well as the design of the ceiling, for example, multi-level. Based on this mounting and suspension systems used by different suspensions – with one or two spokes. The second option is particularly relevant in when necessary to provide rigid fixation of weighted models of suspended ceilings or ceilings with built-in scanning lamps. The whole structure is as follows: suspensions are mounted to the overlaps desired length, for which "hangs" a framework of longitudinal and transverse rails. To dock wall and ceiling surfaces are used multidecks places that take on the load, but in general, perform decorative function. Angle trim are usually L-shaped, U-shaped or W-shaped.

However, sometimes due to odd-shaped rooms have difficulty using conventional suspension system. Bearing or decorative columns, unusual design decisions require careful design, and now there are new opportunities for rapid implementation of such projects. Developed by Geipel mount on the perimeter can simply and effectively implement any design plans and ideas on the premises of any configuration. When using the mount on the perimeter columns and rounded design of the surfaces is performed using special L-shaped corners and F-profiles, and a snug fit for the ceiling structure to the wall surface is applied pressing spring.