Great Magrebe

Such politics comes of the strong certainty of Morocco and its strong commitment with the construction of the Great Magrebe, fortified thanks to the relations fraternas of rabo-Islamic solidarity, of African unifcao of the diversification of the relations of cooperation and partnership with Euro-mediterranean neighboring countries and of the remaining portion of the world. In the mat of its envolvement in the process of the construction of its model of modern society, democratic and joined, Morocco it had that to strengthen these strategical choices by means of one external politics that capitalizes the developments that knew the Kingdom in a global context and partner-econmco of change. The reforms undertaken for the king Mohammed VI, widely acclaimed by some Arab and European heads of State show that Morocco are a model in its Arab and African environment. Saara: the promotion of the human rights and the development. marks of a vision clear politics In convergence with the principles of the external politics promoted by Its Majesty the King, Morocco are pledged to clarify the international community on its justice cause of the Saara, integrant part of the domestic territory as it evidences the existing historical bows of allegiance during centuries between the sarauis tribes and some sovereigns of the Kingdom. The ample international support that supports the Moroccan initiative of autonomy for the Saara, considered as a solution serious, credvel and realistic politics, translating the relevance of the boarding of the King in establishing one transparent politics, with bases in the respect of the culture of the human rights, in accord with the ideals defended for the international community. This community did not stop to greet the efforts and the reforms undertaken for the Kingdom in support its pioneering and modernista orientation capable to find a solution for question of the Saara, that already lasted much time. In the picture of this politics clarividente of the King, Morocco continues to encourage the other parts to answer positively to the apelos of the Advice of Security to become involved itself decidedly in the search of a solution for this conflict bred artificially, having as resolution base the Moroccan initiative of autonomy that respects the territorial sovereignty of the Kingdom.