) PHOTOS: It includes Photos in his announcement. The people see who it and it like is more prone to contact the one that the people who simply imagine it. A photo is worth more than thousand words! PUBLICITE ITS ANNOUNCEMENT: – The URL (direction Web) of its announcement Sends to all its contacts. It can use the resources of the same page. It will have to command one by one in the section that says sends this property to a friend.

Or it can copy the URL of its navigator and to stick it to an email sends and it to all contacts. – It uses its social networks like facebook, My space, Yahoo or Google. It shares the URL of its announcement with all contacts. This is the way simplest to do it. The other is to send a message being commented to them of its announcement to all. PURSUIT: – It is an important question. If its announcement does not secure results, modifies it. The objective to have to be to learn of its errors.

It looks for the announcements that work. In the page you will be able to see how many times an announcement has been seen and this will say to you that so effective it is this. – If you have more than a property publcalas periodically (1 per day) therefore the finders will give to major exhibition you. THINGS THAT ARE NOT DUE TO DO: – To publish the same announcement time and time again followed is what is called ” SPAMMING.” The practice of the Spamming will obtain that their announcements are eliminated and it will do that their account is cancelled. In addition, it is demonstrated that the clients who see the same repeated announcement one after another one do not respond. To anybody it likes spammer. – It does not try that its Department it appears like too good to be certain. It does not exaggerate, simply emphasizes the real characteristics of its Department. Once it has an effective announcement publishes its announcement of real estate Free. And it preparese to receive many visits and to respond several calls.