Maria Montessori

After the above exposed, it is worthwhile to publicize the results demonstrated progress in reading PIRLS international study by (its acronym in English, Programme for International Reading Literacy Survey), which started in 2001, it assesses three aspects of reading: comprehension processes, purposes for reading and behavior and attitudes toward reading. Argentina and Colombia, whose students are among those with lower levels of performance are among the 35 countries participating in this study. This study demonstrates the importance of early support reader development, organization and school curriculum and instruction in reading. A relationship exists between reader performance of fourth grade students and their early involvement in activities for the promotion of reading before starting school, such as reading books, tell stories or narratives, sing songs, play with alphabet toys and wordplay. In all these activities the parent involvement is based 6. Is evident then find, strengthen or restructure the methodology, pedagogy, teaching or everything that has to do with the teaching process learning being used in educational institutions in other words: parents, teachers, educational institution, our students we are asking for change in our educational system touch! den Pat on the chest and hands to work. The boy and the girl preschool, are motivated very easily when they feel loved, respected, and useful, especially when they feel the accompaniment of teaching parents, and classmates in the educational process. They are content and it pleases him to see your classroom attractive with bright colors.

likes singing, playing, listening to and reading stories. Given conditions foregoing I consider that learning becomes self-learning, if he is pleased in their tastes and all pedagogical situation is exploited to fill with significant experience teaching practices than to the same time will benefit from the reading process of students. To illustrate this, it is worth mentioning the thoughts of Maria Montessori 7, who emphasizes on the importance of acquiring a constructivist model at this level even at the top level since it is based on the idea that if the child builds based on experience and therefore absorb like sponges all the informations which require and need for his performance in daily lifewhich will find very useful in your professional life.