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What normally is usually taught in the multi is that the more people have the opportunity to learn about our business are more likely to recruit someone. Why some practices are promoted as addressing an average of 30-50 per day unsuspecting passersby in the mall. This is wrong because under this approach completely ignores the needs of the leaflet, which is key to success in multi-level sponsorship. Moreover, by approaching a stranger on the street to give information that is not requested, you are unwittingly sending the message that to succeed in the multi is to become a salesman. And nobody wants to be a peddler. The same occurs when some inexperienced networker is released into the adventure of searching the Internet prospects and the first thing is to access social networks and send messages to the right and left without taking into account whether the persons contacted are interested in receiving such information or not.

Such strategies focus on the theory that “Is a numbers game”, ie to seek quality rather than quantity. No quality in the prospectus, there is no quality of information and, of course, no results. If you do not have a proper system no matter the amount. You can not put the ocean into a hole and try a hundred, thousand or ten thousand times. The truth is that if you want to succeed in network marketing you must have a system that has a massive scope but at the same time allows you to be selective when you choose with whom to work.

That is to combine quality with quantity. When you approach a prospect and you take it step by step through your system allows you to make that person see themselves doing what you do and think: “this makes sense, I could do this.” It depends on you if you teach him to become a traveling salesman or a marketing entrepreneur. Ela is creator and editor, dedidado website to disseminate free information on how to attract qualified prospects to MLM Business without the stress of having to search for people but getting people to look for it and request a volunteer information.