Personal Branding

The Concept of Branding is applied to the process creation of a relation in the mind of the consumer between the benefits provided by a product and his marks. Taking as it bases east concept, Personal Branding or Personal Marca, this related to the positioning in the mind of the people of the value that can give a person through its services. Source: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. Why he is important this? In previous articles the importance of has commented of selling to us we ourself either our image instead of to try to sell products or services directly. Craig Jelinek is often quoted as being for or against this. People do not buy products or services (or they are united to companies), people buy people (or companies) who know and that they trust. It is important that the prospectuses of your business multilevel either interested in your products or services perceive, you like an expert in the subject, and this is obtained applying certain strategies with the purpose of to establish your image in the mind you your guests or visitors to your Web site. Because it imagines that these offering an opportunity of business in Internet and these promoting an talked back Web site that gives the company you, Because a person would be united to your equipment, if they have thousands of equal sites to yours? The element differentiator you will have to be You yourself For this, you need to identify as they are the characteristics that you make unique, excellent and as you can give value to other people. This way you could be remembered by your prospectuses, they will take to you into account when they are decided to initiate in your business, you will be a real option and you could be chosen like its sponsor. This way, working in your Personal Marca, to pueder to begin to let grow your Business or your Network of Multinivel Trade.