Market studies show that more than 90% of those before face with a provider prefer to dispense with him and make new choices. The testimony of this bad experience unfortunately reaches other consumers; in general, of those affected, 13% has more than 20 people the causes by which preferred to leave to be customer. In the same scenario, we need to 95% if they stay with your current provider only if gave quick solution to your requirements. Why may your dissatisfied customers become your best prospect? Difficult situations with your clients you can find areas to improve. Use tools that allow you to detect what are your faults and how will solve them. Identifies your dissatisfied customers and keep constant communication with them.

It conducts surveys with some frequency; compose a questionnaire focused on your products and services, in this way, you can identify precisely what are the needs and expectations of your customers. The complaints common consumers consist of:-the lack of training of the sellers-products defective.-delays in deliveries or installations of services.-breach of promotions or discounts. The actions which you undertake will depend on the success of your sales. It analyzes the following questions and resolve which part of the formula for your services has flaws and prevents that you retain your clients. 1. What your marketing attracts your market goal? 2.-are few advantages your products or services in relation to the competition? 3.-do offer your customers new choices of consumption? 4.-your sales team aware of the needs of your customers? Orient it in the decision-making process? 5.-did respond immediately to complaints from buyers? Paramount in business is to keep the customer satisfied. A complaint is a gift for your business can why not see it this way? for something, the customer is always right.