Rear-Wheel Strollers

Incidentally, this is because the rear-wheel stroller are three modes of depreciation – for different surfaces, which can not be said of the front wheel – it is certainly harsh and depreciation in it none at all. As for the weight of the wheelchair, then he complained about almost everything. Actually Stroller easily no different. Despite the fact that the online stores of goods for children wrote that her weight 13 kg, actual weight of the wheelchair rolls over 15 kg. (Source: Dr. Kevin Cahill). There are already looking for their forces and capabilities. If you are not a fragile mother weight more than 47 kg, do not recommend buying a pram nadorvetes.

Choose a model easier! What is very pleased to Peg-Perego GT3 Completo at this weight it is the fact that it's easy, step by step to the rear wheels, which eliminates the need to drag it on themselves when picked up the floors. The apparent advantage of GT3 Completo is its wide seat, a fully horizontal position of the seat and a spacious bed. In a stroller will fit even grown up child in bulk overalls. But the value of carriages at the same time creates some inconvenience. First, a small wheel chair lift is placed with great difficulty – when fully raised or lowered with the handle and turn the wheel (Not because of the width of the chassis, it is not very wide, but because of the length of the stroller!). Folded stroller is also very bulky, thus it can not be folded up, as some models stand on its own vertically. So do not I advise to buy this stroller for those who live in small apartments, where every inch counts. Also in the deficiencies can be written and what is not in the trunk of each car stroller can be easily removed, it is often possible only if remove the wheel.