Pitfalls Of Heating

Often, people involved in the construction of town houses, faced with the choice of heating system. They face the question – how and what to heat the house? We consider several solutions to this problem. The cheapest cost for equipment and installation and unpretentious in operation is heating homes with electricity – a "warm floor". The heating cable is laid in a screed on insulation, or under tile, combined with thermostat and connects the network 220. Once the screed finally get up (21-24 days), heated floor can be turned on and he is ready to work.

Consumption of such a system is 120 – 150 watts per square meter. meter. Modern Thermostat allows you to program the heating system so that in those times when you are at home – the system maintains a comfortable mode of heating, but in your absence, it turned on and off in advance you came in time to warm the house, thus saving electricity. Another undoubted advantage of underfloor heating is that heat comes from the lowest point of the room and leaves no unheated areas. We can say words proverbs – feet are always warm. The next type of heating that we consider in this paper – gas. Provided that next to your site passes gas, you can install a gas heating. Prior to its installation to do the project and coordinate it with the gas service.

Often this stage of work is the most expensive. Next you need to purchase the equipment (gas boiler, radiators, pipes, extra pumps, fittings and other connecting elements) and to its installation. This heating system requires a large initial costs of coordination, equipment and installation of the system. Costs can increase if you decide to make water system floor heating. This system is more comfortable than a system with a conventional radiators, but it also has its disadvantages. In screed floor mounted a large number of copper or plastic pipes, fittings and fasteners that turn reduces its reliability and makes system maintenance more difficult. In the operation of this system is cheaper than heating with electricity – a "warm floor". But those capital expenditures spent on gas heating system, will allow you to heat your home with electricity 10-15 years. In the absence of the main gas boiler is often used with liquid fuel. This type of heating system does not require such high capital costs initially. Warmly received in-service is more expensive than the produced gas system, but slightly cheaper than heating with electricity. Comparative table of costs for the heating system. Costs soglasovanieZatraty on oborudovanieZatraty on in ekspluatatsiiTeply