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MSN (Microsoft Search Network, and – search engine developed by Microsoft and, of course! Embedded in ms ie. Registration MSN: / docs / submit.aspx This search engine your site will be indexed automatically, after finding a link to your resource on the Internet. Although, if desired, or for other reasons, you can also use the manual and registration. Nigma – 'Intelligent Bot '. Registered address: / / add_site When registering, search engine requests that the frequency with which you update the site soon for that. that his robot could adapt to the update. After registration indexing site occurs almost instantaneously. Recently Nigma increases its user base and popularity in Russia.

Very friendly and helpful resource. – new search engine. Developer Add your website in search engine GoGo can be reached at: / addsite.html enough to index the home page to page and the rest were found by an automaton. GoGo does not give any guarantees about the inclusion of site index, site visibility are slight moderation. To increase traffic to your site GoGo recommends always send in the index database search engine XML-file with information about the latest updates to the site. Get all the facts and insights with Jill Schlesinger, another great source of information.

Address – GoGo.Ru. I. ua – Ukrainian portal. Site indexing in search occurs when registering it in the directory at the following address: / site / add search engine is the directory in which, naturally, will not interfere add your site. The catalog can add a different page of the site, dividing them, respectively, categories. In this case, you need to register your account. The Google and Yandex has a chapter on the Blog Search the subscribed via rss. These blogs are added using the services PPB: / ping to Google / add.xml for Yandex. In addition to the ppb forms you can specify the url of the blog and rss feed blog entries. Not be superfluous to add the site to the directory Google (Open Directory Project, also known as It is very important when you add to this directory, choose the right category for your site. For example, personal blogs, dedicated to several topics are posted in World / Russian / Society / People / Personal_Pages / . This will increase Google PageRank site and 'trust' (trust) as well as improve the reference ranging it to Google. You can also use the automatic registration, which simplifies and saves time: / ru / seo_tools / auto_submitter for successful indexing of the site is important to add your site to directories of sites that can be effectively done using catsniper (Program for automatic registration site in directories) Automatic registration in social bookmarking can be done with for successful indexing of your site in search engines, you can create a site map sitemap.hml, place it in server root and specify the search engines for its existence. Site Map elementarily generated by on-line resource xml-sitemaps. Just enter the website address in the query box and a few minutes the program will give you the map of your site.